Purpose and Aim of the Policy

As a Sports Academy working closely with schools, our top priority is ensuring that the we promote, safeguard and protect the welfare of all students. We have therefore put numerous measures in place to ensure that all practices at Active Sports Academy are compliant with best practice standards set by Ofsted and safeguarding guidelines set by the Government. All coaches at the academy have been fully trained in regards to these standards enabling us to provide a safe place for children and young people.

Our Programme

Our programme at Active Sports Academy is primarily designed to offer primary schools a variety of sports related services for both KS1 and KS2 students. Our provision however is not solely limited to KS1/KS2 within schools; Active Sports Academy also provide extended services locally in community centres and outside of term time e.g Holiday Clubs. The overriding theme of these clubs, whether within or outside of school, will always be to help encourage participants to engage in a more active and healthy lifestyle through the use of motivational, constructive & rewarding sports related sessions.

Equality Statement

At Active Sports Academy we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive experience for all our students. We therefore take any discrimination very seriously and ensure that all practices are compliant with the requirements of the UK Equality Act 2010. Protected characteristics covered by the Act include, but are not limited to: Age, Disability, Race, Religion, Sex and Sexual Orientation are all acknowledged by the Academy and appropriate measures will be taken if non-compliance is found. 

Scope of the Policy

We strive to ensure that all participants at the Academy:

  • Have a constructive and rewarding experience
  • Are protected from all forms of abuse or neglect
  • Can take part in sports related activities in a fun and safe environment

At Active Sports Academy we seek to maintain the highest possible standards in regards to Safeguarding across all our programmesWe therefore ensure:

  • All staff are compliant with safeguarding guidelines through our in-house training programmes
  • Training is tailored to the specific requirements of participants of different ages and how appropriate action should best be taken
  • Instances or signs of abuse, neglect or discrimination are acted on and recorded by staff
  • Any information that is considered confidential in regards to safeguarding are reported by staff and stored securely by the Academy
  • All coaches are DBS certified

Red and Yellow Card System

Active Sports Academy use a card system as a method to ensure the safety of all children and that safeguarding procedures are enforced effectively.

Red Card

  • Used in instances where safeguarding related issues have been made aware of by one of our coaches
  • This will be passed on to the relevant teacher/member of staff at the school where the incident took place
  • After the session is completed the coach will complete an in depth report on the incident that took place and this will be kept on record.

Yellow Card

  • Used in instances related to health and safety
  • If a first aid incident takes place during one of our sessions a yellow card will be passed on the relevant teacher/member of staff at the school


All policies at Active Sports Academy are subject to continuous review & scrutiny to ensure that best practice is adhered to. Any changes to government legislation or the introduction of restructured guidelines will always be monitored closely by the organisation and updated where necessary.