All of our PPA PE Sessions are designed To meet Ofsteds Outstanding Barrier of learning

At Active Sports Academy, we challenge ‘sport’ and ‘health’ related trends and attitudes by implementing exciting standards in physical activity, healthy lifestyle and sport participation. We believe this develops physical literacy, health and well-being performance in addition to increasing academic attainment. Our programmes and activities deliver a committed all-year-round planning, preparation and assessment cover to schools. We implement ‘fun’ and ‘inspiring’ curriculum-based Physical Education that educates children and young people on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle whilst developing a supportive, safe and active PE environment. 


Are you looking to provide your pupils with extra-curricular activities and programmes or prepare for inter-school competitions? Rest assured, we can meet your requirements” 

Here At Active Sports Academy we seek to introduce our students to a range of sports ensuring our sessions are exciting and engaging. We deliver an array of sporting activities and programmes including Football, Basketball, Athletics, Tag-Rugby, Multi-Sports, Gymnastics, Tennis, Netball, Rounders, Dance, Dodgeball and Cricket. Research has indicated that consistent and weekly participation of youth in such activities contributes to improved attainment and achievement in academic levels in addition to developing valuable social skills. We aim to offer schools, parents and guardians with convenient and affordable means of safeguarding and provision with our structured yet actively-fun and inspiring clubs.


Do you want to encourage your children to have a stimulating start to their day?”

To promote and encourage productivity, our active children spend their morning completing homework and engaging in brain-warming activities, such as puzzles and games, to help prepare the mind for a day full of fun and structured learning. We also include light exercise and stretching to engage the body along with the mind. Complementary cereal and fruit will also be provided during our breakfast clubs to ensure a healthy and positive start to the day. The proven benefits of this are: improved attendance and punctuality, improved concentration during lessons and improved behaviour and social skills. These sessions really do support both the children and schools in getting pupil’s brains and bodies active and alert for the day ahead.


Have you ever thought of structuring your lunch times to ensure that your pupils can get more out of their break?”

Our ‘Active Lunchtime’ is a great way to engage children in to a 30-60-minute activity burst of varied stretches, exercises and sports. This encourages students to release pent up energy that has been accumulated from sitting still in class for a prolonged period of time. Our lunch time sessions are designed to develop a heightened and more alert mental state for when students return to the classroom after their session. Our coaches deliver Active Lunchtimes in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment for the students and also any staff who want to be involved! During this significant time of the day, we have put together an extensive range of games and activities to suit all ages and abilities. We work with all lunchtime staff to support schools in devising their own specific programs that suit the needs and wants of their children so that they can play together and develop the essential skills mentioned above in a safe and controlled environment.


“We aim to keep your children entertained and active during school holidays.”

​Active Sports Holiday Camps offer a wide variety of sports and activities that not only keep your children entertained but also enable them to gain new experiences, make lots of friends and of course have lots of fun! Each location that we use to hold holiday camps possess state of the art facilities, both outdoors and indoors. We offer children a variety of different activities and games to enjoy as well as healthy snacks and fruits to keep them energised! Our camps are usually from 9am – 4pm and consist of; brain warming puzzles, social games, sporting activities, relaxation/down time and of course complementary fruit and water.